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The HSE mission of GNDC is to promote a positive HSE culture that strives to protect the well-being of every employee, contractor and visitor, and prevent damage to our equipment and the environment. At the heart of our safety culture is the Target Zero initiative designed to eliminate all injuries at GNDC Company facilities. GNDC Company Target Zero is an overarching initiative that incorporates and promotes best practices through root-cause analysis and corrective action mistake-proofing; management emphasis on safety education and performance measurement; return-to- work programs; and behavior-based safety processes.


GNDC is fully committed in providing a safe working environment for its employees, contractors and visitors, and protecting the environment in the communities where it operates whilst maintaining the highest standards of Health, Safety and Environment management within the company. GNDC recognizes that by integrating Health, Safety and Environment leadership into all aspects of its business, the company's core function of managing the Kuwait oil and gas resources can be improved for the benefit of the State of Kuwait, its employees and stakeholders.

GNDC will achieve this through

  • Meeting or exceeding all applicable Health, Safety and Environment legal and other obligatory requirement to which GNDC subscribes. Where adequate laws or regulations do not exist, GNDC will adopt its own standards in line with industry best practices to safeguard human health and protect the 
  • Designing, operating and managing its facilities to demonstrate effective health and safety management, promote pollution prevention, energy conservation and optimization.
  •  Assigning clear roles and responsibility for all employees, providing necessary training, emphasizing the belief that HSE management is everyone's responsibility and empowering all employees to maintain a safe and healthy working environment.
  • Setting appropriate HSE goals and targets in line with the company's strategic vision, mission and objectives and providing adequate resources to achieve these through established HSE programs.
  • Encouraging and strengthening communication within the company and with suppliers, contractors, stakeholders and community towards implementing the HSE policy and relevant HSE requirements to prevent/minimize all types of incident, injuries, occupational illnesses and environmental pollution.
  • Recognizing good HSE performance as a core value and promoting a positive HSE culture to ensure sustainable development and business success.
  • Evaluating and monitoring the HSE performance results, investigating and learning from incident and proactively respond through periodic management review for continually improving the HSE Policy, Management System, its implementation and HSE performance.